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Amid the bright sunshine and warm weather of summer, school is probably the last thing on your children’s minds. No matter what back-to-school season looks like for you and the kids this year, you may be wondering how you can keep your children motivated, and how to keep their tummies full and fueled all day with nutritious snacks.

Luckily, we can all agree that a yummy snack can be the highlight of your child’s (and let’s be honest – your) day. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your back-to-school snacks, look no further than these delicious made-with-walnuts snacks. Their mild flavor and hearty texture make walnuts a simple, versatile ingredient for all your snacking endeavors.

Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, there are many walnutty options available for you to choose from. Try a few of the recipes below to help keep your children energized between meals, and keep yourself fueled to conquer whatever the day throws at you!

Work Hard, Snack Hard

Regardless of whether your children are in elementary school or college, transitioning from the fun and relaxation of summer to the organized schedule of school can be hard for them. For the first few weeks, you may notice a midday slump in their motivation. Don’t worry though – walnuts are here to help them (and you!) power through the afternoon.

Spice up their school day with a delicious snack of Chipotle-Lime Seasoned Walnuts. With a little spice from the chipotle chili and smoked paprika, and a dash of honey to cut the zest, this is a perfect snack for those who need to add some pep to their step.

If your children tend to lean towards sweet snacks over savory, surprise them with a scrumptious treat to brighten their mood. This Vanilla Walnut Berry Trail Mix may be just right! Kids of all ages will enjoy the freeze-dried bits of strawberry, smooth pumpkin seeds and bursts of yogurt, accented by the crunchy walnut pieces. This compilation is sure to put a smile on their faces!

As a busy parent, both of these options are great for you, too! Between the simple prep work and hearty ingredients, you can make either recipe over the weekend and have servings of savory walnuts or sweet trail mix ready for your children to munch on as soon as their slump hits.

Gimme a Boost

If your children need a pick-me-up to finish powering through the day, prep them for success with a Power Up with Plants Protein Box. As the name suggests, this box is designed to boost energy.

Filled with savory foods like sea salt roasted chickpeas, hummus and satisfying walnuts, this box packs a flavorful punch. As if this snack didn’t already sound delicious, those ingredients are perfectly paired with the light, crisp tastes of carrots and cucumbers. This medley of walnuts, carrot chips and bell peppers is sure to brighten up anyone’s day with a hearty crunch.

After-School Indulgences

Apples and caramel dipping sauce have been a traditional after school snack for decades, and it’s a delightful treat to dive into after a long day of school work. Immerse your children’s taste buds with a mouthwatering snack of Sliced Apples with a Greek Yogurt Walnut Caramel Dip. The dynamic flavors of earthy walnuts along with tangy apples perfectly complement the sweet combination of cinnamon, nonfat Greek yogurt and caramel topping.

If you’re looking for another sweet twist on a snack classic, try your hand at making some homemade Honey Walnut Butter. With the soft honey accents and the walnut base, this smooth blend will be your kids’ new favorite topping for anything from toast to oatmeal to smoothies. It makes for a great addition to any grain-based snack, like salty pretzels, or pair it with your favorite fruits and veggies. Your kids will delight in this sweet and savory treat and forget all about their stressful school day.
Try Them All!

These yummy snacks are so simple to make and add a fun break to your day no matter what your schedule may be. Savory or sweet, traditional or creative, walnuts are at the heart of it all. Their versatility and flavor are simply unmatched in the world of delicious back-to-school snacks, and we can’t wait for you to explore all of the possibilities!

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