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The CWC is providing the following helpful information on the Agriculture Energy Savings Action Plan (AESAP) that offers incentives for energy-saving projects for agricultural businesses throughout the PG&E service area.

The agricultural industry requires energy and water usage; therefore, PG&E offers a variety of rebates, incentives, and financing options to help Ag operations reduce energy usage and costs. Upgrading ventilation, irrigation, and other critical systems with more energy-efficient options is one way to reduce overhead, improve production, and preserve natural resources.

Eligibility, Requirements & Additional Resources

Agriculture customer eligibility and qualifying terms and conditions are found on the AESAP Program Application, which must be signed and submitted to receive a rebate (application link can be found here: aesap_ppa.pdf (agenergysavings.com)). Rebates do not require pre-installation approval. Simply submit invoices with supporting documentation as outlined in the requirements (in the AESAP rebate catalog (pages 3-8), which can be found here: aesap_rebate_catalog.pdf (agenergysavings.com)), and TRC will process and deliver the rebate to you.

If you have an energy-saving measure not listed on the rebate list, contact TRC at 833-987-SAVE or by emailing AgEnergySavings@trccompanies.com to see if it would qualify as a customized incentive. To receive a rebate, agriculture customers must submit an application with itemized invoice for equipment purchased within 60 days from purchase date, installation date, or account establishment date (SAID activated), whichever is latest. Products purchased and installed in adherence to these terms and meet all individual measure requirements are eligible for a rebate, provided rebate funding is still available.

Rebate offerings, qualifying products, and rebate amounts may change without notice during the term. Eligible agriculture customers must already pay the Public Purpose Program (PPP) charge on their energy bill.

For more information on AESAP, please visit: Home – AESAP (agenergysavings.com)


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