Orchard Origins

Spaniards were looking for recipe inspiration as they increased home cooking and baking during the pandemic. Walnuts are the leading tree nut consumed in Spain, and media outlets published more than 2,900 walnut-related recipes in magazines, newspapers and online outlets demonstrating the incredible versatility of walnuts. Health messaging is a key component to media outreach, and during the year, the communication of health research findings reached over half the population. New health research studies not only allow for opportunities to engage with the media, they also help to reinforce consumers’ perceptions about the positive health benefits of walnuts and why including them as part of the daily diet is important. Consumers are increasingly influenced through social media, and they look to influencers and social channels for ideas and recommendations of what to cook and what to buy. Additionally, through targeted digital advertising and inspirational content, the CWC’s social networks reached 31 million consumers, two-thirds of Spain’s population. The CWC’s social channels have a robust following in Spain, and during 2020, the CWC’s #WalnutLovers community grew by 50,000. Consumers and participants on these channels reacted positively to recipes, videos, cooking demonstrations and other content 1.3 million times last year. As consumers found themselves staying home and relying on digital media for education and entertainment, unique users of the California Walnuts Spanish website grew by 57%. Website visitors spent additional time looking at more pages, with a 76% increase in page views! Each of these communications methods reaches Spanish consumers in different ways so that when they go shopping, either in store or online, they will have California walnuts on their minds and shopping lists, making that purchase decision even easier. To help consumers easily find California walnuts in store, the CWC works with the retail trade and manufacturers to position California walnuts front and center. In December 2020, Frit Ravich, one of the largest snack companies in Spain with 30% retail share, included the California Walnuts logo on five of their packages through the CWC’s licensing agreement. The CWC also collaborated with Frit Ravich with a retail tie-in promotion in 500 convenience stores in November 2020, which resulted in a year-over-year increase in sales volume of 46%. Frit Ravich said, “In the references of inshell and shelled walnuts, we want to highlight on the pack the USA origin and add the seal of California Walnuts as a mark of quality. Thanks to the CWC’s communication work over several years, the consumer perceives the California walnut as a quality walnut.”
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