Culinary Inspiration

Summer salads are one of the most classic side dishes of the season that everyone enjoys digging into. Whether you’re spending a leisurely day lounging by the pool, or grilling up some tasty barbecue, the refreshing ingredients are always a welcome complement to a hot day. This new salad recipe featuring juicy watermelon, crumbly feta and crunchy walnuts is bursting with flavor and texture in every bite, and you’ll be adding it to your menu on repeat.

An added bonus: This salad is so simple to make – it comes together in three easy steps. Pre-chop your watermelon and walnuts so that you just have to toss them in a bowl with the feta cheese, adding basil for flavor. Set the bowl aside and whisk together your dressing, drizzling it over the chopped ingredients when ready.

After the salad is all mixed together, grab some bowls and serve it up. You’ll be enjoying a refreshing dish in no time! Visit our summer-inspired dishes recipe collection for more recipes made with delicious summer ingredients.

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