William (Bill) DeSoto

Chef Bill Desoto currently is the Senior Executive Chef at the New York Times in New York City.

He joined Restaurant Associates in 2001. During his tenure, he has directly supported many of Compass Group’s top accounts including Goldman Sachs, UBS Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of America and Google in NY, as well as Harvard Business, Harvard Law, Google, Brown Brothers in Boston, World Bank, House of Representatives, the Senate dining room and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Bill has also worked on RA Projects in Dallas and Houston, TX; Knoxville, TN; Richmond, VA; Tampa, FL; and Atlanta, GA. He has enjoyed the craft of cooking professionally since his early teenage years, having worked his way through some of NYC and Westchester’s top-rated restaurant kitchens. Bill had many great chef mentors during his career and currently enjoys teaching and mentoring the young cooks and chefs on his teams.

Bill is married to Valerie, his wife of 17 years, and they have two children, Dianna and Jake. When Bill is not in the kitchen, he loves spending his spare time with his family.

Bill Desoto
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