Dave Martin

After graduating from The University of Redlands, Dave ventured into the world of technology but his love for food remained firm.

When the tech bubble burst in 2000, Dave took this opportunity to pursue his real passion–cooking. He went back to culinary school and added French training to the cooking skills he’d garnered from cooking and baking with his family over the years.

In 2006, Dave took a chance on a new reality show called ‘Top Chef’. The show proved to be an incredible opportunity for him, where he was able to get out there and show that he could thrive under pressure. Viewers fell in love with Dave’s personality along with his ability to transform old-school dishes into updated comfort food classics. After making it to the finale, Dave found himself and his food continually in the spotlight.

Dave went on to consult for restaurants in New York, Boston and California. He set-up Crave on 42nd, revamped VYNL, launched The Meatball Factory, helped out Sweetleaf & The Thinking Cup and worked with The Perfect Puree creating new menu ideas for California Pizza Kitchen. He even launched The Frying Dutchman, a gourmet French fry truck with dozens of crazy sauces in NYC.

In 2009, Dave’s desire to reach the masses pushed him to publish his first cookbook, Dave’s Homemade, Volume 1followed up in 2010 with Volume 2 thanks to popular demand. In 2012, he introduced Dave’s Homemade, his chef-inspired line of artisanal sauces and rubs that can help any home cook elevate what they’re making at home.

Today, along with his hectic schedule of cooking, consulting, teaching, and private appearances, Dave serves as Brand Ambassador for Messermeister Knives, Certified Angus Beef Brand®, The Perfect Puree® of Napa Valley Nueske’s & Row Eleven Wines. Dave’s ability to connect with audiences in person, on TV, and in the media makes him a valuable asset in promoting the brands that he loves.

Dave is a firm believer in giving back and supports several charitable organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Impact Network. He currently serves on the board for Let it Flow, building clean water and sanitation stations in Third World countries.

Dave Martin
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