Randall Selland

Randall Selland has been cooking up California’s most sought-after meals for more than 18 years.

Randall is the chef and owner of The Kitchen Restaurant, Selland’s Market Café, and Ella Dining Room & Bar. He fuses classic French techniques with California’s bounty of world-class ingredients. Randall also brings an unparalleled amount of energy, combined with Vaudevillian theatrics, to produce and present bold–yet refined–meals that will dazzle all your senses.

Mike Dunne of The Sacramento Bee describes Selland’s restaurant as “Sacramento’s most entertaining and distinctive dining destination.” He says it is a “checklist of what a restaurant should provide,” referring to The Kitchen’s ambience, refined service, creative cuisine, fun atmosphere and award-winning wine list.

Selland’s “Demonstration Dinners” provide as much entertainment as any Broadway show, combining an informative yet humorous presentation with a meal that is polished and intriguing. He parades around the room and banters with his guests, showing them rare wild mushrooms, live lobsters, fresh fish and other special ingredients incorporated in their meals.

The Kitchen captures the elusive elements of fun and excitement that escape most fine dining restaurants, but don’t be fooled: Selland’s food is still unparalleled.

Randall Selland
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