Mollie Katzen's Free E-Book

This new, beautifully photographed collection showcases more than 70 of the lauded chef’s favorite recipes, each featuring one of her most-loved ingredients: California walnuts.

“Mollie’s Favorite Walnut Recipes” was released on the heels of the 40th anniversary of Katzen’s famed “Moosewood Cookbook” and offers a wealth of cooking inspiration through the chef’s easily-approachable, wholesome and flavorful dishes. In her signature animated style, Mollie describes each of her breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites, as well as a lineup of captivating snacks and side dishes – all featuring the distinctive charms and versatility of the California walnut.

The free e-book is available for download here in both low-resolution and high-resolution versions, and is also available in Apple’s iTunes Store. Download the book today and try your hand at one of Mollie’s delicious walnut recipes!

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