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Walnuts are bursting into the new decade full steam ahead, no longer restricted to just the bakery aisle. They feature a variety of functional benefits, from flavor to texture to nutrition, and consumers are taking notice more than ever before. Walnuts provide food and beverage products with everything from taste to a texture similar to ground beef for plant-based offerings. Plus it’s the only nut to contain significant amounts of alpha-linolenic (ALA) omega-3 fatty acid (2.5g/oz).

California walnuts are incredibly versatile for both savory and sweet products and can be used as a showcase ingredient in innovative plant-based products. These new products made with walnuts prove they are a great addition to any food, no matter what time of day.


Start the day off with Krusteaz’s Protein Banana Nut Muffins. Even though the company is 87 years old, they stay fresh by innovating new products to stay on trend with what consumers are asking for. In this case, it’s 100% whole grains, 12 grams of protein and walnuts! When the new product was launched last November, Andy Heily, President & CEO, told Bakery and Snacks the muffins made with walnuts are an answer to “growing demand for more nutritious breakfast options,” and the company was “inspired to create a full lineup of products that will make it easier to feed your family well, without sacrificing great taste.”

Lunch or Dinner

Plant-based frozen food company Eat Nice has satisfied the plant-based trend with its unique Meaty Walnut Ravioli, which contains walnuts with sundried tomatoes and seeds. It only takes 7-10 minutes to boil, and you have a hearty pasta meal that’s also delicious when your favorite sauce is added. Trendhunter says that “while many classic ravioli products are stuffed with meat and cheese [Eat Nice] offers flavorful options for those who avoid animal products and by-products — its Meaty Walnut Ravioli combines nuts and sundried tomatoes for a meatless and dairy-free take on the comforting pasta meal.”

Eat Nice Ravioli


Launching in 2020 is ERApeutics’ walnut-based BrainMilk. The cognitive health supplements company first announced the highly-anticipated launch to Dairy Reporter in August. BrainMilk is filled with antioxidants, polyphenols, and ALA omega-3 fatty acid. Dr. Jordan Balencic, co-founder or ERApeutics, told Dairy Reporter that he considers the walnut “to be a superior base for plant alternatives than [other] products.” BrainMilk will be available in 12 oz. bottles in blueberry, turmeric ginger, and coffee flour/cascara.


Part of Larabar’s new product lineup, the Carrot Cake bar contains only nine ingredients, walnuts included. Combined with extra virgin coconut oil and coconut, cinnamon and dried pineapple, you have a sweet treat that’s great for an after-dinner dessert or on-the-go throughout the day. The Carrot Cake bar is kosher, dairy-free, non-GMO, soy- and gluten-free.

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