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Research Update: Navel Orangeworm in Walnuts

November 8, 2018

[California Walnut Board Online Newsletter, Submitted October 2018] Emily J. Symmes, PhD Sacramento Valley Area IPM Advisor University of California Statewide IPM Program and Cooperative Extension A local walnut grower phoned me during the first week of September 2018 with the following question, “We’re catching what seems to be a…

Brick and Mortar Still Rules Grocery

October 31, 2018

All the noise in the grocery business right now is about new delivery systems, meal kits and online ordering. In reality, the brick and mortar stores are still where the action is. Only 16% of consumers order groceries online, and according to eMarketer Retail, that number has actually declined for…

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Carbohydrates, the seasonal “currency” of tree responses to management and the environment: A citizen science project

October 23, 2018

Carbohydrates – starch and sugars – provide walnut trees with energy for growth, defense, flowering and ultimately yield. As such, they can be considered as “currency”. Seen in this way, sugars are the “cash” that flow around the tree paying for services like growth, defense, and nut production. Starch can…

Walnut News Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Newsletter

October 15, 2018

Articles in this issue include Tariff Update and U.S. Mitigation Measures; Letter from the Chair; Chlorpyrifos, Funding to Replace Older Ag Equipment, Walnut Short Course, and more.

More Than Two Decades of Research on Walnuts and Heart Health

October 9, 2018

An updated systematic review from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health examines 25 years of evidence for the role of walnut consumption on cardiovascular risk factors, including cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and weight.1 The original meta-analysis, “Effects of walnut consumption on blood lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors:…

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Flavor Experience Trend Recap

September 11, 2018

The name says it all. For those of you who have attended The Flavor Experience, it truly is just that – an experience. The conference, which is an invitational event for top F&B decision makers, allows brands to showcase their latest and greatest dishes, which are always innovative and on-trend….

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