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California Walnuts
Apr 18, 2017
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Did you know walnuts may positively impact memory and cognitive function?

This March, California Walnuts partnered with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) to sponsor a portion of the University’s annual nutrition week. Thousands of students and staff flooded the dining halls each meal period and our CA Walnut team was on hand to engage with the diners and teach them about the health benefits of California walnuts.

While California walnuts were already available on UCSB’s menu in their salad and breakfast bars, the campus dining service team chose to highlight the nut in a more innovative way for nutrition week. They showcased one of CWB’s signature recipes, the California Walnut Omega Burgers, maximizing the nutritional value by serving up the burgers “naked” with a spiced carrot purée and garlic baba ganoush sans bun. The dish proved to be very popular, providing a refreshing twist to the mainstream vegetarian options, and some extra “food for thought” as finals approached!

With the University responsible for serving tens of thousands of dishes each day, it was imperative they not only provide options for every diet, but also a varied selection throughout their various dining halls. The chefs plan to continue striving toward providing delicious and nutritious plant-based options to meet the demands of the campus.

Click here for more information and the adapted California Walnut Omega Burger recipe.

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