Culinary Inspiration

It’s an age-old question: savory, or sweet? We say, why choose? For the best of both worlds, we have a new recipe that will satisfy and delight both your savory and sweet taste buds. Our Walnut and Brie Puff Pastry Bites have got it all. Whip them up for an afternoon snack, a breakfast treat in the morning, or serve them to guests as an appetizer at your next gathering. They’ll be sure to please every time.

Walnut nad Brie Puff Pastry Bites

In this hybrid between an appetizer and dessert, creamy brie cheese is melted over buttery puff pastry for your savory, while drizzled honey and dried cranberries bring the sweet. And for the finishing touch, chopped California walnuts add a satisfying crunch. Garnish with thyme and basil to complete this perfect pastry. What more could you need?

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