Molasses Research

Research conducted by the University of California indicates that molasses is a powerful walnut husk fly feeding stimulant.

Since molasses is used in both human food and animal feed, it is exempt from both state (3CCR 6147 (a)(3)) and federal (40CFR 152.25(d)) tolerances and molasses is approved for organic use. In laboratory studies, the use rate of 2 gal to 4 gal of molasses/100 gal spray mixture performed as well as or better than conventional feeding stimulants. The price of molasses is approximately $1.50 to $2.00 per gal and can be purchased in bulk from local feed stores, e.g. A.L. Gilbert in Oakdale, Western Milling in Goshen or Bucke’s Feed and Grain in Orland, CA. Molasses plus an insecticide can be used in conventional and low volume walnut husk fly control programs.

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