Nominations and Procedures

A message from California Walnut Board & Commission Executive Director, Robert Verloop

After meeting with many of you and learning how the California Walnut Board and Commission can better support you and the industry, I want to share ways that we’re going to continue to shape the future of the California walnut industry moving forward. Whether it’s weather-related effects such as drought and heat waves or rising input costs, every member of our industry has encountered obstacles over the last few years. In the same vein, it’s going to take all of us to work collaboratively to address these challenges so that we can all realize the better times ahead.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of transparency, inclusion and collaboration that inspires all growers and handlers to take an active role in helping us guide the industry to a brighter future.

While we may not be able to overcome the obstacles facing the walnut industry overnight, working together in a diligent manner will help us realize our goals more quickly. Below are some initiatives that the Board and Commission are implementing so that those across the industry can share their unique knowledge and expertise to help hasten our return to a stronger position.

  • Board and Commission Roles: We are seeking nominations for both the Board and Commission, and looking to engage those who will respectfully push themselves, each other, our staff and the industry to think big and challenge the status quo in the interest of moving us all forward.
  • Committees and Working Groups: There are opportunities to help the industry in non-board roles by serving on broad-based committees and working groups, such as marketing, market development, research, issues management as well as grades and standards.
  • Strategic Planning: We have initiated a strategic planning process to help guide us into the next phase for our industry. We’ve spoken with many growers and handlers individually and will soon be hosting a series of roundtables throughout the state where industry members are invited to a facilitated dialogue designed to solicit input. We are also encouraging everyone to take an electronic survey before March 31, 2023, so you can share your candid and constructive input.

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Learn more about the Nominations and Procedures for the California Walnut Commission

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Learn more about the Nominations and Procedures for the California Walnut Board
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