Walnut Theft

Best practices for theft prevention within the walnut industry. 

Access Prevention

  1. Secure premises – Fenced?  Signage - "No Trespassing".
  2. Singular entry and exit point?
  3. Lockable gate(s)? Not auto opening.
  4. Cameras in and out? Post warning signage "Premises under video surveillance"
  5. Manned gate (only during shipping hours – locked).
  6. Off hours lighting, security.
  7. Only use brokers and carriers that you have at least 3 loads proven history.
  8. Check the message boards – to see which Brokers are posting loads? Don't use them!

Authorized Entry

  1. Driver check-in process1.  Has the correct order number.
  2. Verify appointment against internal log. Confirm any discrepancy
  3. Confirm valid driver – use www.brilliantshipper.com (Click for Video Tutorial)
  4. Develop a "Sole Source Numbering Plan" with the Carrier. Establish a Trip # known only to you and the "real" Trucker and Broker.
  5. Documents real? Check Photo ID, driver's license – UV Light (like TSA2)
  6. Verify Truck registration number. (Verify with Police, Sheriff Department.) 
  7. Record trailer information. Copy all documents.
  8. Obtain drivers thumb print.  
  9. Turn driver away if any doubt.
  10. Check DOT and Insurance carrier information. Use known drivers.
  11. Beware of low rate drivers, end of day pickup, especially Friday nights.

Authorized Exit

  1. Verify trailer numbers matches in-bound information
  2. Note trailer numbers on BOL and pick up slips.
  3. Verify Driver's signature from signed STC (Said to Contain) Stamp on BOL.
  4. Verify the Seal Numbers match the seal number recorded on the BOL.
  5. Attach BOL to inbound info.
  6. Confirm any discrepancies before releasing load.
  7. Permit load to exit if all in order.

1 Driver Check-in – includes recording the following information – Vin #, Plate #, DOT #, Model, Color, Company, Trailer #, License plate #, Order #, Inspected by and Date.

2 The TSA agent will shine a UV light, looking for the presence of covert UV phosphors on the license, typically printed to show a word or symbol under UV light.  http://www.arcflashlight.com/arc-aaa-uv.shtml

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