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The time-honored tradition of knocking on doors for candy provides more treats than tricks these days, and parents get just as much fun out of it as kids do. A 2018 survey of 2,000 American adults (1,000 parents and 1,000 non-parents) conducted by OnePoll suggested an astounding 86% of parents admitted to stealing candy from their children’s Halloween candy piles. Almost half were predicted to eat more candy than their children, and 73% of adults — either with or without children — said they purchase more candy this time of year for themselves.

Additionally, four in 10 adults enjoy Halloween more now than when they were a child. The reason: unlimited candy. Although unlimited candy sounds great, it’s probably not the most healthful decision.

Walnuts allow kids and their parents to eat Halloween treats with less guilt. Walnuts can be added to candy, bars and clusters, adding both indulgence and nutrition, including heart-healthy* fats such as omega-3s (2.5g per ounce). So, what’s on the roster for nut-containing Halloween treats this year? Here are some of our fang-tastic favorites:

Sugar Free Chocolate Sees Candy

Sugar Free Dark Walnuts — See’s Candies

Deliciously dark and nutty, these Sugar Free Dark Walnut Clusters from See’s are made from fresh, plump English walnuts and covered in a sugar-free coating.

Amys Lucky Candy Bar

Lucky Candy Bar — Amy’s

Trick-or-Treaters will find themselves lucky to have this bar in their buckets, pillow cases or bags. Walnuts are stirred into creamy nougat and caramel and covered in dark chocolate. This Lucky Candy Bar is gluten-free, kosher and contains no GMOs.

Collagen Protein Bar

Chocolate Walnut Collagen Bars — Caveman Foods

Want the taste of a brownie without the bake? These bars by Caveman Foods provide 11 grams of protein from grass-fed collagen peptides. They also contain walnuts and seeds. The bars are gluten-, dairy- and soy-free.

Vosges Chocolate

Reishi Walnut Chocolate Bar — Vosges

Roasted California walnuts combined with 72% cacao dark chocolate and Reishi mushrooms make for a unique treat! Vosges’ bar provides a woody and mystical taste — perfect for Halloween.

Dylans Candy Walnut Chocolate

Chocolate Walnut Fudge Bites — Dylan’s Candy Bar

Nothing beats good old-fashioned fudge. These Chocolate Walnut Fudge Bites are the perfect crowd pleaser for children and adults alike. Walnuts are studded into the chocolate for an added flavorful crunch.

Next Organics Walnut Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate Walnuts — Next Organics

Next Organics’ organic walnuts are coated with organic dark chocolate, providing consumers with a crunchy, unique experience. These gluten-free walnuts come in a 3 oz. bag and are certified dairy-free, kosher with no added preservatives.

Heidi Chocolate Bar

Milk & Walnuts — Heidi Grand’Or

Milk and walnuts provide these bars with a source of proteins and fatty acids. Bathed in rich, flavored milk chocolate, Milk & Walnuts are infused with walnut pieces and vanilla flavor.

Cranberry + Walnuts — Sustainable Snacks

Perfect for fall, Sustainable Snacks’ Cranberry + Walnuts offer trick or treaters nutritious walnuts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, apple juice concentrate and Grade A maple syrup. This snack provides dietary fiber and doesn’t contain refined sugar. From chocolate bars to snacks, walnuts help food manufacturers deliver indulgence, nutrition and functionality. It’s a triple-threat ingredient that also promotes clean ingredient listings. Eat cleaner and tastier candy by shopping for these made with walnut products today! Interested in learning more? Visit our page for food professionals or contact us directly.
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