Walnut Community
October 27, 2020

All-Day Snacking Trend Positions Walnuts as Go-To Nut

Americans are forgoing three square meals a day, opting for full-force snackification, a term that perhaps unsurprisingly was coined by consumers themselves. Walnuts are a...
Culinary Inspiration
October 15, 2020

Plan Seven Days of Breakfasts With California Walnuts

Breakfast: It’s in the name — when we break our biggest fast, we need to fill ourselves with food that will jump-start the day ahead!...
Culinary Inspiration
October 12, 2020

Make a Sizzling Side Dish with Sichuan Green Beans

We know how it is … week after week, you’re trying to come up with dinner options that will please the entire family, that are...
Culinary Inspiration
September 9, 2020

Let the Kids Create This Sweet and Savory Snack

Snack prep that’s so easy a kid can do it? That’s what the Zakarian sisters have demonstrated in their latest recipe collaboration with California Walnuts....
Walnut Community
September 1, 2020

Walnuts as Versatile Ingredient Bolster All-Day Breakfast Trend

The atmosphere in which people eat, the time of day people eat and the ingredients that they seek are constantly evolving, and while all-day snacking...
Walnut Community
August 31, 2020

Products Geared Towards Kids Creates Better-for-You Options

Ask any parent: shopping with kids versus without is a completely different supermarket experience. Packaging and storytelling with characters, bright colors and magical words are...
Walnut Community
August 31, 2020

Top 5 Made-With-Walnuts Products in COVID Times

At the beginning of every year, experts make their predictions about new products and trends that they foresee taking off in the near future. But...
Culinary Inspiration
July 29, 2020

Dig in to This Refreshing Summer Salad

Summer salads are one of the most classic side dishes of the season that everyone enjoys digging into. Whether you’re spending a leisurely day lounging...
Culinary Inspiration
July 15, 2020

Walnut and Mushroom Teriyaki Burgers Are Plant-Based Perfection

Who doesn’t love a satisfying burger come summertime? If you’re looking for a meatless alternative to add to the grill, try this plant-based take on...
Culinary Inspiration
June 12, 2020

Summer Snack Hacks to Make the Long Days Simpler

Summer is in full swing, and chances are your schedule is, too. Luckily, a few simple kitchen hacks can help keep your snacking game strong...