Clever Ideas for Saving Time
and Minimizing Effort

Life isn’t always simple.

 Fortunately, adding heart-healthy walnuts to everyday meals and snacks is easy. Walnuts can make your life simpler by adding taste, texture and nutrition to almost anything in just moments. And our clever kitchen hacks can also you help save time while you’re doing it. Start making your busy life a little bit simpler to manage by cooking with walnuts and using our kitchen hacks today.

Pesto Saver Ice Cube Tray
Kitchen Hack

Ice Cube Tray for Saving Sauce

This walnut pesto recipe is a crowd pleaser! Save time and the delicious sauce with this simple hack. When you have left over sauce , don’t throw it away or stash it in the fridge where it could be forgotten. Instead, pour the rest into an ice cube tray. After they’re frozen, pop them into a ziplock bag.

Dental Floss Kitchen Hack
Kitchen Hack

Dental Floss for Cutting Cakes

No need to be an expert baker to serve up this decedent chocolate cake. This recipe is easy to prepare and to serve. Cut a cake expertly by pulling out a strip of floss that is larger than the span of the entire cake and start by running the floss right through the cake, cutting it in half. From there, cut the

Hammer Kitchen Hacks Icon
Kitchen Hack

Hammer for Crushing Walnuts

Roasted vegetables compliment a variety of meals and adding walnuts to them adds a rich nutty flavor and crunchy texture. No need for a special gadget to crush the walnuts. Just grab the household hammer to crush, pound, or “chop”. Crowd the walnuts together on a clean surface or cutting board, and gently pound them.

Walnut Leaf Open Beauty Shot

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