Information for Handlers

California walnuts supply approximately half of the world’s walnut trade. This can be attributed to not only the growing popularity of walnuts, but also to the quality consciousness of the walnut handlers that has helped California walnuts more become sought after by consumers.

Click here to view the two versions of the Storage and Handling Guide, one designed for Retailers and the other for Industry Professionals. This guide features useful information on best practices for transportation, storage and quality assurance of raw walnuts.

2023 CROP UPDATE AS OF JAN 11, 2024. As of Dec 31, the industry has reported a preliminary total of 799,307 tons received by handlers. Learn more.

The Grades & Standards Committee is committed to evaluating and implementing new ways to improve and clearly define minimum grade, quality and size regulations. Learn more.

United States announces major resolution on key trade issues with India. Learn more

Stay informed on the schedule of California Walnut Board and Commission meetings by clicking here.

Learn more about the various GMP guidelines for safe preparation and packaging. 

Walnuts Around the World

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