Our Industry

Building Market Demand

The Board and Commission continue to work on your behalf through integrated marketing programs that increase awareness and drive retail purchase. The California walnut industry has a long tradition of producing a healthy, safe, quality food product for our global consumers. Sharing our story through smart, strategic marketing and advertising programs allows us to connect with our audiences and increase demand for walnuts.
2019-2020 California Walnut Ad Campaign Graphic

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing initiatives are focused on driving sales through initiatives that grow demand, heighten awareness and increase usage in the United States. 

Our Industry Markets

Export Marketing

Targeted export marketing initiatives are a key driver in building consumer demand around the globe for California walnuts.

Health Research

The California Walnut Commission (CWC) Health Research Program
was created to extend the understanding and knowledge of the nutritional value of walnuts and explore the role of walnuts in a healthy diet. We are committed to the scientific integrity of industry-funded research.

Walnuts Around the World

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