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About the CWC Health Research Program

For over 30 years, the California Walnut Commission (CWC) has supported health-related research on walnuts through research grants and the provision of walnuts. Research priorities are identified in consultation with our Health Research Advisory Group. More than 170 CWC-supported, peer-reviewed papers have been published examining the effect of walnut consumption  on heart health, cognition, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, body weight/composition, reproductive health, in addition to studies to ascertain walnut micronutrients and bioactive composition. Additional CWC funding has supported the inclusion of walnuts in healthy diets, such as the Mediterranean diet. The CWC is committed to building a strong foundation of high-quality scientific evidence, from in vitro and animal research in the early stages of exploration to observational epidemiological and clinical intervention studies that determine the health effects of walnut consumption in people.

The California Walnut Commission is dedicated to supporting the scientific process. We provide funding to research projects that are focused on our priority areas and are well-designed by the investigators according to established scientific principles. While the CWC expects all supported research results will be submitted to well-respected peer-reviewed journals for publication, it is not involved in the design, implementation, or publication of the research that we support.

The California Walnut Commission abides by the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) North America Conflict of Interest Guiding Principles that were created to provide guidance to researchers receiving funding from industry to help minimize the potential for bias due to funding source.

A pdf of “Funding food science and nutrition research: financial conflicts and scientific integrity” published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is available here. The Guiding Principles from this publication are as follows:

In the conduct of public/private research relationships, all relevant parties shall:

  1. Conduct or sponsor research that is factual, transparent, and designed objectively, and, according to accepted principles of scientific inquiry, the research design will generate an appropriately phrased hypothesis and the research will answer the appropriate questions, rather than favor a particular outcome;
  2. Require control of both study design and research itself to remain with scientific investigators;
  3. Not offer or accept remuneration geared to the outcome of a research project;
  4. Ensure, before the commencement of studies, that there is a written agreement that the investigative team has the freedom and obligation to attempt to publish the findings within some specified time frame;
  5. Require, in publications and conference presentations, full signed disclosure of all financial interests;
  6. Not participate in undisclosed paid authorship arrangements in industry-sponsored publications or presentations;
  7. Guarantee accessibility to all data and control of statistical analysis by investigators and appropriate auditors/reviewers;
  8. Require that academic researchers, when they work in contract research organizations (CRO) or act as contract researchers, make clear statements of their affiliation; and require that such researchers publish only under the auspices of the CRO

For more information about the California Walnut Commission’s completed research please view the Heath Research Guide.

Published Studies

Explore the California Walnut Commission supported publications. Categories include Cancer, Diabetes, Gut Health, Healthy Aging, Heart Health, Mediterranean Diet, Reproductive Health, and Weight.

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Scientific Research Events

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Call for Letters of Intent

The California Walnut Commission (CWC) is dedicated to funding research in a credible and transparent manner that will improve understanding and expand knowledge about the effects of walnut consumption on health-related areas. The CWC is currently soliciting Letters of Intent (LOI) for human clinical and observational studies.
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