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Growing Sales

Our research shows that California walnut sales increases can be effectively achieved in two ways: attracting new users, and increasing consumption amongst current users

There is a huge untapped customer base for California walnuts


A large segment of consumers simply does not think of walnuts while shopping or may have never tried them. Only 42% of U.S. adults are purchasing & consuming walnuts.1 A much smaller percentage dislikes the taste or is allergic to tree nuts.


Motivate new consumers and remind existing customers with displays and signage in-store. Attract shoppers’ attention and reinforce the versatility as well as the nutritional benefits of California walnuts.

Chickpea Walnut Salad Sandwich

Suggesting new usages for walnuts to your customers will increase purchase frequency


Year-round consumption of walnuts has continued growing as people learn about their versatility and many health benefits, expanding beyond traditional uses such as Holiday baking and banana bread. 53% of current walnut users consume them less than once per week.2


Increase usage frequency with existing users. Suggest delicious and innovative ways to enjoy walnuts – such as a topping on yogurt, hot cereals or salads – while mentioning the unique taste and texture as well as their many nutritional benefits. Click here for hundreds of recipes. 

1. CWC Segmentation Report 2018
2. CWB A&U Study 2019

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