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Why Walnuts at Retail

The unique flavor and texture of California walnuts makes them a wonderfully versatile ingredient in recipes, as well as a great snack. Promoting walnuts year-round reminds your customers of the many ways they can add wholesome, plant-forward nutrition to their diets.

Nutritional Benefits

California walnuts are a whole food with nutritional benefits consumers are looking for. And they are the only nut that offers an excellent source of essential omega-3 ALA with 2.5 grams per ounce.

Shopper Insights

Extensive research provides insights into how and why your customers use California walnuts. For example, 78% of consumers say that the health benefits of walnuts positively impact their purchase decision. This section provides many more facts and insights, and describes how this knowledge can be used to effectively drive walnut sales.

Merchandising & Promoting

California walnuts can be very profitable for retailers. There is tremendous potential for incremental volume. Read on to see proven tactics that maximize new sales opportunities.

Retail Resources

A wide array of materials is available for your use in promoting California walnuts.
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