Usage Inspiration

Try adding California walnuts to baked goods, dessert bars and confections for a nutty crunch; use in spreads and sauces as a wholesome thickener; and in plant-based meat alternatives.

Walnut Omega Burger

Walnut Meat Alternative

California walnuts are a flavorful meat alternative that will fool vegetarians and carnivores alike. In fact, walnuts has been recognized by Kerry Taste Charts as the #1 ingredient for meat alternatives in 2021. 

Innovative Chef Recipe Video Series with Plate Magazine

Learn more about how chefs across the country are putting walnuts to work in plant-forward recipes.

Walnut Cream

Walnut cream, which can be used in both savory and sweet applications, is an excellent dairy and gluten free alternative.

Walnut Cream
Smoked Walnut Blue Cheese Butter

Walnut Compound Butter

Did you know that adding California walnuts to a compound butter not only elevates the flavor, but also adds nice texture to proteins, vegetables, and breakfast staples?

Walnuts in Bowl

Usage, Storage & Purchase Tips

Learn how to select, care and store walnuts for maximum flavor and freshness. 

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