Heart Healthy Walnuts are certified heart-healthy by the American Heart Association with the Heart-Check mark LEARN MORE Snacking Walnuts are an ideal snack because of their portability, versatility, and health benefits. LEARN MORE Pairings Walnuts are a versatile nut with a flavor profile that pairs with a variety of seasonal foods; they can be included in meals any time of year. LEARN MORE

Why Promote Walnuts at Retail

Walnuts deliver on topics that customers care about.
Walnut Heart Health
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Health Resources for
Customer Education

California Walnuts offers a variety of downloadable materials and resources for customer education. Find brochures, articles, and other helpful information to share with your customers.

Retail RD Toolkit

A downloadable resource intended to support all aspects of your work – from in-store demos to social media, TV interviews, and community events.

Shopper-Friendly Recipes

Explore the no cook recipes that include simple ingredients and require only a few steps.

Continuing Education
& Industry News

Here you will find walnut news, the latest trends, free webinars, and CPEU opportunities for retail RDs.

Retail Dietitians Business Alliance Resources

Plant-forward mini-session

Produce for Better Health, in partnership with California Walnuts, created the Have a Plant: Plant Forward Eating Guide. The guide is a tool that focuses on motivation, inspiration and ideas for food and nutrition professionals to move consumers from just knowing to actually doing – from the perspective of action needed in restaurants, retail and, ultimately, in at-home settings. Watch this Q&A with President and CEO of Produce for Better Health, Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak as she discusses the guide and provides tips on how it can be immediately put into practice in a retail setting.

Relevant Trends & Product News

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