The Surprising Ways Americans
Are Thinking About Lunch

It’s no secret that lunchtime habits of Americans are shifting. Through a consumer survey, California Walnuts uncovered interesting habits of the modern American lunch break, as well as what really matters to us during that coveted midday hour. Read on to learn about the findings!

Walnuts in Bowl

Distractions are Everywhere

While many people are eating lunch during their break, they are often distracted and eating at their desks. In fact, most of Americans are checking social media (67%), or the news (59%) during lunch, and most people spend half of the work week eating at their desks!

Convenience Trumps Nutrition – But it Doesn’t
Have to!

According to the survey, 53% of Americans don’t think about what they’re going to eat for lunch until they realize they’re hungry, yet only 27% of people choose to eat foods that give them energy to power through the day! Try reaching for easy ingredients and snacks like walnuts which have good fats to help keep you full.

Tuna Walnut Sandwhich
walnut pile

Don’t Procrastinate Meal Planning!

Those who bring their lunches are more likely to eat healthy. In fact, 54% of survey respondents said they eat fruits and vegetables at lunch, 50% bring a salad, and one in four include nuts in lunch meals (with nearly 50% of the nuts being walnuts!).

Taking a Break Can Be Advantageous

When it comes to taking a break, millennials are often the ones skipping lunch the most, with 2 in 3 millennials claiming they often skip lunch to “get ahead” at work. However, 60% of recently promoted millennials say they take their lunch breaks, meaning it can pay to take a lunch!

Walnut Quinoa Ranch Chicken Salad
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