Walnuts at Work Live Event Food Professionals

The Premiere Plant-Forward Virtual Cooking Competition hosted by California Walnuts in partnership with Flavor & The Menu Magazine.

Walnut Pieces
Pizza with Plant Based California Walnut Crumble

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If you only attend one virtual plant-forward cooking competition this year, make it Walnuts@Work Live. And if you’ve already attended one, attend two! Because on October 28, 2020, some of today’s most innovative chefs will be engaging in pan-to-pan combat. This live, virtual, Chef vs. Chef plate-off will exclusively feature plant-based recipes made with California walnuts. And the best part, the winner will be decided by you!

So register today, for Walnuts@Work Live, a plant-based chef showdown on October 28, 2020.

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Walnut “Chorizo” Tacos with Pickled Vegetables
California Walnut Cream Alfredo Sauce
Pork Walnut Meatballs in Coconut Walnut Soup
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