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Sep 11, 2019
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Retail Promotions

California Walnuts continues to face tough competition due to retaliatory tariffs. To maintain shelf space and drive consumers to purchase California walnuts, the CWC has conducted in-store, online and retail display campaigns where California walnuts are sold.

Tie-In Promotions and Tastings at Almaya Stores in UAE

In January, 2019, the CWC launched a trade program in the UAE. The goal for the year was to understand trade flows and make key contacts with the trade, retailers and manufacturers. During Gulfood 2019, it became apparent retailers from Dubai were very interested in promoting California walnuts. Knowing this, the CWC revised their strategy and launched its first tie-in promotion with Almaya (12 stores, 45-day promotion). During the promotion, consumers could not only taste California walnuts but were also given point-of-sale materials such as recipes, flyers on walnuts and health, and a small gift with purchase. Mr. Anil Khatwani, Almaya Brand manager, said their sales of Maya’s CW brand during the one-day promotions exceeded the brands monthly sales. They were so happy with the results they want to consider future promotions. Additional retail promotions are planned in the UAE for the 4th quarter.

Costco Retail Advertising

The CWC created a full-page ad featured in the May edition of the UK Costco Connection magazine with a circulation of 8.6 million. The activity helped support the sales of California walnuts in the 1.36 kg Kirkland brand packs sold across all 28 Costco depots nationally. Additionally, the California Walnut and Lemon Parsley Spaghetti recipe was featured on page 7. The CWC is in talks with Costco regarding in-store tasting demonstrations.

Tesco UK- Online Promotion

The CWC created banner ads to promote the California walnut 200g SKU in the online produce department on The ads ran for three weeks in June 2019. Results of the campaign are expected in early August.






Tie-in promotions with Hacibaba Stores

In February 2019, the CWC conducted tie-in promotions with Hacibaba stores within Migros locations in Istanbul and Edirne. Hacibaba, which began placing the California Walnuts logo on package in May, is sold in 11 cities and 52 stores. Mr. Deniz, Trade Manager of Hacibaba Company, stated: “We want to thank you for the tie-in promotions. Both the store managers and consumers were so satisfied with the quality of event and sales of our California Walnuts, which has increased by 900% during the promotions.”

Tie-In Promotions with Migros

Founded in 1954, Migros is a modern retailer and wholesaler with 2,100 stores throughout Turkey, operating shopping malls in Turkey and abroad through its subsidiaries. Migros imports and distributes a significant amount of California walnuts each year. During March, the CWC conducted six days of tie-in promotions at two of Migros’s largest hypermarkets located in Arenapark and Korupark, handing out samples, recipes and informational materials. To further increase sales during the promotion period, Migros opted to discount their 1 KG packages of California walnuts and the  sales volume jumped by 1,400%. For 20 days in June, the CWC conducted additional promotions at three of their locations where consumers could not only sample walnuts, but were treated to traditional Lokum (walnut based dessert). While the final numbers from these promotions are still pending, some stores recorded a 200% increase in sales during these activities.


Bayramoglu Istanbul Mega Center Stores – End cap Branding

To create brand recall, enhance sales, and generate awareness for California walnuts, the CWC provided end cap branding and POS displays at Bayramoglu (a major wholesaler of California walnuts) at the Mega Wholesale Market in Istanbul. Additional signage was placed in different shops throughout Istanbul. Over the last two years, the CWC has been active in increasing its presence in the retail and wholesale markets in Turkey as well as educating the wholesalers and retailers on the benefits of California walnuts.

Ramadan Retail Promotions – Migros & Carrefour Hypermarket

In May 2019, Ramadan retail promotions were conducted at two of Turkey’s biggest retail chains, Migros and Carrefour. The tie-in promotions ran for 24 days with participating stores allocating space for California walnut displays in boxes, pallets, and shelves for maximized exposure and sales effect.


For the first half of 2019 we have maintained programs in India to retain visibility with the trade and consumers. We have invested heavily to grow this market long-term. However, we are keeping a watchful eye on how things progress and may adjust activities and spending as necessary.

Vishal Mega Mart

Targeting consumers in tier-II cities, the CWC initiated retail promotions with Vishal Mega Mart, one of the retail pioneers in India. They have recently placed their focus on walnuts and introduced California Walnut Private Brand, placing it prominently alongside other major brands. In 75 of their stores, the CWC created point-of-sale displays including endcap branding and educational brochures about the quality and nutritional value of California walnuts plus storage tips and recipes. The promotion resulted in a 135% sales increase.

Walmart India

The CWC continues its promotional end cap branding with all 22 Walmart India cash-and-carry wholesale format stores, which have been showing good sales and volume movement of California walnuts. The objective is to create brand recall, enhance sales and generate awareness.

Big Bazaar – Future Group

A California walnut retail promotion was conducted at 40 Big Bazaar stores in metro and tier-II cities India, which concluded in mid-June. Big Bazaar is one of India’s leading modern retail format chains with nearly 500 million customers walking into their stores each year. The objective was to promote California walnuts as “A Healthy All Season Nut”, busting the myth of walnuts being consumed only in the winter. The activity included end cap branding, samplings of California walnuts, and customized kit bags with nutritional and health benefit brochures, storage tips and recipes. The promotion was a huge success registering a 74% year-over-year growth in sales of California walnuts across the 40 outlets.




High-end Retail Promotion with AK Plaza

The CWC worked with high-end retailer “AK Plaza” to conduct a 7-day promotion in 2 selected stores during May. Promotional tables and product demonstrators were located in front of the stores’ grocery section for maximized exposure, where consumers picked up samples and brochures. Branded tote bags were included for qualifying purchasers. During the week of the promotion, sales increased year-over-year by 226%.

Sales King Contest by E-Mart

During May 2019, the CWC conducted the Korean E-Mart retail chain in-house sales competition for California walnuts. A total of 142 stores participated, allocating special spaces for California walnut displays. The year-over-year volume across all locations increased by 275%. Six stores with the highest sales and increase rate were selected as Sales King winners with the Sanbon Branch topping the list. The store managers from each winning store are invited to attend a trade mission to California in October to experience harvest and learn more about the California walnut industry.

Sampling demonstration for Wasabi Walnuts at E-Mart

In June, the CWC conducted in-store promotions at 15 selected E-Mart stores nationwide to expand the awareness of the newly launched Wasabi flavored walnuts. During the promotional week, sales increased by 2,119%. 


During May, Spanish customers were reminded about the versatility of California walnuts through eye-catching POS materials. Digital screens (123 total) were strategically positioned at the entrances of 28 Alcampo stores to grab consumer attention and drive sales. Additionally, stoppers (small billboards), were placed in the aisles and adjacent to other locations where walnuts could be found within the stores. These small billboards were utilized in 110 Carrefour stores for the first two weeks of May, while 50 regional supermarkets utilized stoppers for the entire month.

Digital Screen Stoppers

An online campaign was conducted with Amazon Spain for the first time targeting consumers according to their likes and lifestyle. Consumers were then directed to the walnut category inside the Amazon Marketplace with walnut products identified as California / US origin. The campaign reached more than 4.8 million Amazon users where over 750,000 of them clicked through to the walnuts page. The average click-through rate was three times higher than the global average click-through rate for Amazon! While this was a great result, increasing awareness of California origin, due to Amazon’s policies, we are not able to obtain the actual sales statistics.

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