Strategic Marketing to Drive Sales

Growing Consumer Demand

Messaging in high profile TV, print and digital media creates an emotional connection with consumers, while reminding them of the functional benefits of incorporating the goodness of California walnuts into their lives. The campaign focuses on California walnuts as a versatile, heart-healthy* and delicious ingredient in easy-to-prepare recipes.

Powerful Marketing Drives
Powerful Sales

National marketing efforts have proven effective at growing awareness and driving the purchase intent of California walnuts. TV, Print and Digital ads will be seen an average of 27 times by 95% of adults 25-54 from September 2018 through August 2019. Collectively, U.S. consumers will be exposed to California Walnuts messaging 4 Billion times.

Positive perception of California walnuts
The 2017 Attitude and Usage Study showed continued growth in consumers’ positive perception of walnuts. 91% of consumers surveyed viewed heart-healthy* walnuts as nutritious, up from 80% in 2013. Ratings for convenience, value and versatility also increased.
2018-2019 Consumer Media Coverage

Integrated Marketing Efforts

Our integrated marketing plan encourages California walnut consumption in multiple ways: with reminders at retail, by encouraging use as an ingredient in packaged foods and menus, and outreach to health professionals.

Retail FMI Foodservice Walnut Advertising


During American Heart Month, regional retail programs supported by advertising and POP display showed strong sales. Dollar sales in February were up in Minneapolis 20% YOY, +14% in Charlotte. During the summer, tie-ins with produce brands included joint displays with Lil Snappers Apples, Naturipe Berries, Avocados from Peru, and Produce for Better Health. We will increase our retail presence in 2018-19 with even more displays and tie-ins.

Food Professionals

A comprehensive program targeting food professionals will continue to build awareness and interest in walnuts as an ingredient in packaged foods and on menus.

Health Professionals

Marketing programs supported by health research will continue to reach health professionals, encouraging them to recommend walnuts to their patients.

Immersive Marketing Campaign Reaches Consumers in Multiple Ways

Expanded digital efforts feature more video and content designed to deliver relevant and timely messaging to consumers while shopping, meal planning/prepping, and searching for recipes online.
Walnuts Social Digital Efforts

Website and social media campaigns will distribute hundreds of recipes and reach more than 2 million consumers each month, providing powerful marketing of the health benefits, convenience, versatility and value of California walnuts. That’s why more people than ever are buying them.

Far reaching public relations activities emphasize our distinctive health message, and trigger repeated mentions in domestic media from TV to print to web and more!

Walnut Digital Marketing Efforts
Martha Magazine Promotes Walnuts Consumption and Health Benefits

From September 2017 to July 2018, U.S. consumers were exposed to 3 Billion health related

messages throughout the PR campaign.

California Walnuts Television Commercials

TV, print and digital advertising featuring California walnuts, will be seen by 95% of Adults 25-54 an average of 26 times with activity spanning September – August.
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