Walnut Community
September 18, 2020

A Novel Approach to Mitigate Weight Regain

The idea of personal nutrition continues to evolve. A new human trial study published in Gastroenterology looked at fecal microbiota transplantation as a novel approach...
Walnut Community
July 24, 2020

Digest the Latest on Gut Health and Walnuts

More consumers are seeking foods that help manage risk factors and provide digestive health benefits, with 60-70 million people affected by digestive diseases. Good gut...
Walnut Community
March 11, 2020

Myth Conception: Plant-based Eating and Male Fertility

The key to a healthy pregnancy starts before conception, as aspiring mothers are becoming increasingly aware of how diet and lifestyle choices may influence their...
Walnut Community
March 4, 2020

A Snacking Win for Women: Walnuts

For women who want an edge on wellness, eating the right foods can be simple, especially when you choose nutrient dense choices, like walnuts. Published...
Balanced Lifestyle
February 28, 2020

5 Ways to Add More Nutrition To Your Diet

Let’s be honest, by this time of the year, many of us are starting to slack on our health-focused New Year’s resolutions. However, March is...
Balanced Lifestyle
September 19, 2019

Diet and Reproductive Health – Is there a link?

With 12% of women and 9% of men in the US experiencing infertility1, or the inability to become pregnant after one year of trying, the...
Balanced Lifestyle
August 19, 2019

Power Up Breakfast with California Walnuts

You’ve probably heard the old saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” too many times to count. And while all meals are...
Balanced Lifestyle
May 24, 2019

Food & Mood: Exploring the Link Between Diet and Depression

Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to think about the many ways we can nourish and support our own mental...
Walnut Community
April 15, 2019

The Future of Product Development on Display at Natural Products Expo West

Natural Product Expo West, the largest natural and organic products event in the world, hosted 86,000 people from 136 countries last month. They all came...
Walnut Community
March 25, 2019

Exploring Walnuts & Mental Health

More and more, consumers are looking for foods beneficial to overall wellness, including both body and mind.1 This comes at a time when the CDC...