Meal Prep Hacks to
Simplify Lunch

Chaotic weeks can get the best of us, but that doesn’t mean your lunch should suffer! Get ahead of the mayhem and revive your lunch by prepping ahead of time with these simple hacks:

Walnut Fresh Salsa

Map Out the Menu

Think through your upcoming week and take note of any pre-planned office lunches or dinner plans. This will help you plan out how many meals you’ll actually need to make, and it will help you avoid overspending or throwing away uneaten food.

Cook Large Batches of Basic Meal Components

Make your life easier during the week by cooking meal staples in advance that you can repurpose in different ways throughout the week. For example, cook a batch of vegetarian walnut “meat” to use in lettuce cups, sliders or with stuffed portabella mushrooms. Or, prepare a batch of toasted walnuts to use as a topping on salads and bowls, or to serve with your favorite grain, like quinoa.

Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps Walnut Meat

Purchase Prepared Ingredients

If you’re short on time, consider purchasing a few prepared items like pre-cut veggies or a rotisserie chicken that you can use in a number of ways throughout the week.

Portion Ingredients and Meals Ahead of Time

Portion out grains and veggies into single servings, measure spiced walnuts into pre-portioned snack bags and separate meals into the right containers, so everything is ready to grab and go before you leave for work.

Walnuts in Bowl
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