Gut Health

Gut Health

Research on the gut microbiome and its impact on health continues to grow. Scientists are finding that certain foods contribute to positive changes in the gut. Although there is still much to learn, studies suggest that walnuts may play a role in gut health including increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut.1,2,3,4

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3 Holscher HD, Guetterman HM, Swanson KS, et al. Walnut Consumption Alters the Gastrointestinal Microbiota, Microbially Derived Secondary Bile Acids, and Health Markers in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial [published online ahead of print May 3, 2018]. J Nutr.
4 Bamberger C, Rossmeier A, Lechner K, et al. A Walnut-Enriched Diet Affects Gut Microbiome in Healthy Caucasian Subjects: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Nutrients. 2018;10(2): 244. doi:10.3390/nu10020244.

Gut Health Research

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