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Choose from a selection of walnut inspired recipes, everything from soups and salads to entrées and desserts.

Walnut “Chorizo” Tacos with Pickled Vegetables

A walnut chorizo “meat” is the base for these spicy tacos. Topped with pickled jalapeno peppers and radishes and finished with a squeeze of lime, these are a fresh take on traditional meat tacos. For a creamy addition, place a layer of mashed avocado onto the tortillas before filling with…

Vanilla Walnut Berry Trail Mix

Lightly sweetened vanilla-flavored walnuts are tossed with yogurt covered treats and dried fruits.

Crostini with Walnut Parmesan Cream

Toasted baguette slices topped with pesto, fluffy parmesan and walnut cream, sun-dried tomatoes and crunchy walnuts.

Carolina BBQ Walnuts

Walnuts coated with sweet and spicy Carolina BBQ spices and baked until toasty. Kitchen hack: Use beans to help protect spices from moisture. Learn more.

California Walnut Firehouse Chili

A plant-based twist on the classic recipe that still packs a flavorable punch and a bit of spice.

Pappardelle with California Walnut Pesto

California walnuts add flavor and texture to crushed herbs and warm pasta in this classic Italian dish. Adapted from Chef/Owner Ethan Stowell, Union Restaurant, Seattle, WA. Kitchen Hack: Use an ice cube tray to save leftover sauce. Learn more.

Spinach, Walnut and Strawberry Salad

Savor summer with a simple salad that features sweet strawberries and toasted walnuts. Tossed with a strawberry vinaigrette and dotted with fresh feta, this salad is sure to delight! Kitchen hack: Use paper towels to help keep spinach fresh. Learn more.

Discover the countless ways walnuts add flavor, crunch and depth to every course from savory appetizers, to hearty entrées and desserts.

Health & Walnuts

Learn about the health benefits of walnuts and the extensive published research investigating their positive effect on a variety of disease states.

Walnuts are the only nut significantly high in ALA Omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids critical to various body processes. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of walnuts.

As part of a healthy diet, walnuts may be beneficial in reducing the risk of certain diseases. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating walnuts into your diet.

Are you looking for tips from the experts? We put our professional experts to the test. Check out their responses to a variety of health related questions.

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