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The Mediterranean Diet

Walnuts are a traditional component of the Mediterranean diet and a key ingredient in the landmark PREDIMED study. This healthy eating pattern puts fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and seeds at the center of the plate. Though it is based on foods commonly eaten in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, fortunately, you can enjoy this style of eating no matter where you live.

Read more about the PREDIMED study and others that have examined the many potential health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

Make Your Meals Mediterranean – Starting with 5 Makeover Meals

The Mediterranean Diet is a flavorful way to embrace a healthy eating pattern. Plus, the spectrum of foods included makes it approachable and adaptable for almost anyone! Try these simple and tasty tips to make your meals more Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Learn how to incorporate more Mediterranean-diet-inspired meals into your routine with these healthy recipes.

A Closer Look at the Mediterranean Diet

More an overall pattern than one specific diet, this nutritious way of eating is based upon the cuisines enjoyed by countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy, Greece, and Spain. This means that the Mediterranean diet can take many forms, but overall, it emphasizes more fruits and vegetables, nuts…

The Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD discusses the various components of the Mediterranean Diet and its health benefits.

What Are Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

The way we eat can help our bodies fight chronic inflammation. Food compounds such as fatty acids can help calm inflammation, and certain foods have more beneficial compounds than others. For example, walnuts are high in an omega-3 fat called ALA (2.5g/oz) shown in cell culture and animal studies to…

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