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Walnuts are predominantly made up of good fats, which play an important role in the diet. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends shifting food choices from those high in saturated fats to those high in good unsaturated fats, like those found in walnuts.

Walnuts can also be part of a healthy diet that won’t contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss goals. Incorporating them into meals and snacks is a simple and convenient way to add important nutrients to your diet.

Walnuts & Weight: What the Science Says

Walnuts can be eaten as part of a healthy diet that won’t contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss goals. While there are many factors that contribute to body weight, such as age, gender, genetics, and exercise, what we choose to eat is one aspect that can be modified…

How Can I Avoid Mindless Eating?

Six handy tips to help you cut back on overeating. Change your serving utensils: Replace your 12-inch plate with a 10-inch plate — A person tends to over-serve onto larger plates, and because people consume an average of 92% of what they serve themselves, larger plates lead to larger food…

What Does MyPlate Mean to You?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans provide a roadmap for better food choices based on the latest science related to keeping people healthy.

Weight Management Tips

10 Ways to Enjoy Walnuts While Watching Your Waistline Walnuts are satiating and a delicious food to include in your calorie-balanced lifestyle. A recent study[i] published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that one serving of walnuts (1 ounce) may provide 146 calories, which is 39 calories less or 21 percent fewer,…

Diets Rich in Polyunsaturated Fats May Alter Appetite Hormones Among Millennials

Did you know that there are specific hormones in the body that help control appetite? Some hormones are responsible for signaling the body to eat, whereas others tell the body it’s full, or satiated. Research has been exploring how certain foods may reduce hunger or increase fullness by influencing these…

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