Culinary Inspiration

On Christmas morning, the house buzzes with holiday excitement as the kids run down the stairs and surround the tree. As the family gathers, the aromas of festive baked goods fill the room while Christmas brunch is prepared. With the help of California walnuts, you can curate a delectably festive holiday spread for your Christmas morning table!

A Mouthwatering Menu

Once everyone is winding down from gifts, gather them around the table for a delightful meal and some quality family time. Revamp a classic Christmas morning treat by giving it a nutty twist: Baklava Cinnamon Rolls. This sweet treat changes up your typical recipe by adding an extra dash of cinnamon and a hearty serving of California walnuts. Don’t forget to drizzle the honey-sweetened glaze on top when they’re fresh and hot, just out of the oven.

As everyone is reaching for seconds and thirds of the cinnamon rolls, bring out this California Walnut “Chorizo” Frittata for a serving of protein and veggies. The beauty of this dish is that you can prepare it in advance to save precious time on Christmas Day. This dish is flavorful, mildly spicy and hearty, complete with a meat-free “chorizo” made of walnuts, beans and cheese.

If you want to add a traditional touch to your Christmas brunch, try your hand at this centuries-old Italian Christmas favorite: California Walnut & Cranberry Panettone. This citrusy, earthy treat will add a wonderful freshness to the holiday fragrances in the house. Somewhere between a bread and a cake, this panettone is rich with butter and eggs and mellowed out with a hint of orange zest and dried cranberries. Once you set these single-serving loaves on your lovely table, they will stand tall as a perfect Christmas dessert.

No brunch is complete without a libation. Start out with a Salted Honey and Walnut Milk Latte to sip throughout the morning; and for the adults, complement it with a boozy treat made with this elegant and toasty California Walnut Liqueur that will add holiday cheer to any special whiskey cocktail. This will create a rich combination you’ll remember and want to remake each year.

Christmas Brunch Will Lift Your Family Midday

Food is such an important part of family traditions. At Christmas, we often focus on dinner, but your Christmas brunch can be a special memory. Gather your family after the morning’s activities, and enjoy this small walnut-inspired feast as you marvel at the season and focus on your togetherness on a wonderful day.

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