Orchard Origins

As the weather cools and the kids are indoors, ignite their natural creativity and curiosity with crafts. With Fall being walnut harvest season, they’re plentiful this time of year, so put that bounty to good use by working walnuts and walnut shells into craft time!

Halloween Crafts

Once the Halloween pumpkin carving is complete, keep the fun going by painting other faces on walnut pumpkins. Paint an in-shell walnut orange and you’ve got a tiny pumpkin! Googly eyes and other craft supplies can take those mini jack-o-lanterns to the next level.

Halloween Walnut Crafts

Looking for a spookier idea? Walnuts easily transform into spiders or bats for creepy-crawly fun and play. Use in-shell walnuts as the body and add construction paper or pipe cleaners to build out the spooky creatures! Whether you keep them realistic (and scary!), or get more playful with bold colors, there are so many ways to get creative with dressed up walnuts this Halloween.

Walnut Halloween Crafts

Turn craft time into a seasonal celebration by inviting others over to decorate Halloween walnuts, too. Serve one of these spooky walnut snacks while you work. The best part is your walnut pumpkins can be stored and reused for decor season after season!

Thanksgiving Crafts

If you thought walnut pumpkins were cute, then you’ll love walnut turkeys! Transform in-shell walnuts into little gobblers by using anything from feathers, to felt, to autumn leaves for their plumage. Then, paint on faces and other features to bring them to life! Make them into window hangings, mantle pieces, or even table decorations for your Thanksgiving feast. (Teachers: this is also a great craft to do with students in the classroom!)

Thanksgiving Walnut Crafts

Walnut crafts aren’t just for kids! You can make stunning seasonal decorations for the home or for the Thanksgiving table as well! Try painting walnut halves in seasonal hues and arranging them in jars or in votive candles to add some warmth to your fall festivities. You can also decorate in-shell walnuts to enhance an autumn wreath or simply display in a decorative dish. You can’t craft on an empty stomach, so whip up a quick walnut snack to munch on as you go!

Walnut Holiday Crafts

Wintery Ornaments

Whole walnut shells can easily transform into wintery decorations to hang on Hanukkah displays or Christmas trees. Painted in all shades of glitter, it’s easy to add a decorative piece of ribbon or string and proudly display this holiday craft. Fuel your creativity by baking up a treat from our walnut cookie collection to enjoy while you work!

Mini Diorama Seasonal Scene Walnut Craft

For an extra challenging and creative craft, you can use half of a walnut shell to create a mini diorama or seasonal scene in the hollowed-out space! Add a string to the top to turn it into a tree ornament. Try making a delicate fairy-garden, or mini North Pole scene, or something that represents your favorite hobby. The completed walnut ornaments make for a thoughtful gift too.

We love how walnuts are easy for little hands to hold and that these crafts offer endless hours of fun and creative play. Whether you try one of these ideas, or think up one of your own, craft time with walnuts offers an alternative to screen time and encourages independent creativity. Plus, you’ll have sweet, custom decorations you can display for years to come!

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