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Summer is in full swing and might look a little different for your family this year. With social distancing still in place across the nation, it means we’ll have to be more creative with the activities we do with the kids. I am sure lots of parents are in panic mode because most summer camps are closed! But do not fear, I compiled a list of 10 family activities to try that will keep everyone bonded this summer.
No Camp? No Problem! 10 Social Distance Summer Activities to Keep Kids Busy

1. Backyard Splash Pad

When we feel a little stir-crazy, some sunny rays and backyard hangs help to scratch that itch! Because not everyone has the luxury of having a pool in their backyard, a DIY splash pad would be the next best thing! We got an inflatable pool and a giant unicorn sprinkler, but honestly, a simple sprinkler can be just as much fun! When the kids spend all day running through the yard, I love to fuel their energy with snack recipes that use a just a handful of walnuts, since this powerful nut contains 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per ounce and provides an excellent source of omega-3 ALA (2.5g/oz).

2. Grow a Garden

Some call me the flower/plant lady for my love of all things greenery! My daughter has been so interested in learning to grow her own plants and fruits, so we started a garden for her. A cold snack like smoothies during a hot planting day feels just right! Some frozen fruit and milk of choice topped with chopped walnuts is the perfect amount of crunch and sweet. If you haven’t tried walnuts in your smoothies yet, blend a handful right in next time! It’s my secret ingredient to get that creamy texture and more protein into the kids’ snacks!

No Camp? No Problem! 10 Social Distance Summer Activities to Keep Kids Busy

3. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Going out for our daily family walks in the evenings is one of my favorite times of the day. To make it even more fun, we incorporate a scavenger hunt. Because someone always gets hungry, I never leave without a snack. Just packing up a little bag of trail mix with chopped walnuts keeps the whole family happy. They’re full of good fats and a snack that everyone in the family loves!

4. Visit a Local State Park

Hiking may not be the first thing that comes to mind if you live in a city. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of urban hiking that can be done. If you’re feeling more adventurous, hop in the car and drive to a nearby State Park and find a family-friendly trail to hike. Don’t forget to pack snacks when you’re hiking!

5. Theme Days

As a family, you can come up with a theme for the day and have activities centered around the theme. Earlier in the year, we had a mini Summer Olympics in our backyard. The kids loved coming up with the games. We even had a medal ceremony at the end. Some other great theme ideas are Space Day, Baking Challenge Day, Rainbow Party and so much more!

No Camp? No Problem! 10 Social Distance Summer Activities to Keep Kids Busy

6. Berry Picking

The fresh smell of berries can only mean it’s summer! Lots of local farmers offer berry picking during this time of the year. This is a great activity to get outside and still be able to safely practice social distancing. Bonus: you can go home and bake something yummy with all the berries you picked!

7. Go Fishing

This is one of those activities that my husband loves to share with the kids. You don’t have to go far! There are many neighborhoods with stocked ponds. Be sure to check any guidelines before heading out to catch any fish!

8. Backyard Campout

Take the adventure of the great outdoors to your own backyard! Grab your tent and sleeping bags and set up a fun night out with a backyard campout! You can watch a movie outdoors and make s’mores! Then once the sun goes down, lie down and gaze at the stars.

No Camp? No Problem! 10 Social Distance Summer Activities to Keep Kids Busy

9. Build a Mega Fort

Take your fort building to the next level by turning your living room into the next secret hideaway! We gathered all the clean sheets in the house and anchored them to the tallest furniture pieces with wooden clothespins. Add all the throw pillows, and voilà, a cozy fort for all to enjoy! We set up a little pretend restaurant inside the fort with a snack board of fresh fruits and chopped walnuts, which are a great crunchy finger food!

10. Backyard Obstacle Course

Use your imagination, and bring furniture, boxes and toys outside to build a backyard obstacle course! Simple things like sticking flags in the ground to race around or making a hula hoop station as one of the stops can make this a fun challenge for anyone in the family. Time each family member and, at the end, present medals made out of yogurt lids. Want friends to join in? Both build a similar course ahead of time and race via video call!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by California Walnuts. However, all opinions are my own.

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