Culinary Inspiration

Pies aren’t just for dessert; you can build an entire meal around delicious savory pies. The intense and robust flavors of fall and winter are perfectly advantageous for these outstanding and comforting dishes.

A Plant-Forward Take on Traditional Classics

This fresh take on chicken pot pie tastes brand new: California Walnut Pot Pie! In this recipe, spicy Italian “sausage” makes a hearty and appetizing plant-forward meat substitute. It’s made with walnuts, chickpeas, fennel, garlic, chili flakes, oregano and basil for a deeply complex and flavorful combination. Puff pastry tops the sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and mushroom filling, which is deliciously drenched in silky Walnut Cream.

A reinvented California Walnut Low-Carb Veggie Shepherd’s Pie can satisfy even the hungriest eater. The toasted walnut and lentil “meat” is yummy alongside traditional veggies: onions, carrots and mushrooms. Instead of the usual mashed potato topping, a cauliflower mash with Parmesan cheese and tangy Greek yogurt is packed on top and baked to a crispy brown. You may have to pack yours up for leftovers, this is so hale and hearty.

Savory Galettes and Mini Hand Pies

A savory galette is a round pastry wrapped and filled with seasonal vegetables that is baked on a baking sheet. They are very easy to make because they are virtually formless. This rustic Kale, Butternut Squash & Walnut Galette is full of the season’s bounty and comes together in just 40 minutes. Featuring a buttery walnut flecked crust and a filling of fall and winter vegetables, Gruyere and more walnuts for extra flavor and crunch, this take on pie is a must-try this season!

Rounding out the savory fall pies roundup are these adorable California Walnut and Wild Mushroom Hand Pies. A simple buttery-cheesy pastry makes for a golden crunch on the outside, and inside is a wild mushroom medley. A robust portion of chopped walnuts adds contrast and another layer of complexity to the mushrooms.

Enjoy the many variations that make these savory dishes so warm and welcome at your dinner table. Include California walnuts in your pies to revive, revisit and reinvigorate recipes with new kitchen adventures this winter and throughout the holidays.

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