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Struesli Organic Granola is versatile in how consumers can use it and eat it, but it’s also very versatile in specifically who can eat it. From keto to paleo or those who have Celiac Disease or are following an anti-inflammatory diet, this made-with-walnuts Struesli fits into a number of dietary lifestyles.

This versatility was imperative to Adrienne Lufkin when she started the company. Simply put, she wanted to make a product that a wide swath of people could benefit from.

Lufkin’s career as a professionally-trained private chef introduced her to a client roster who suffered from many of the same issues she had, including an autoimmune disease and chronic migraines. Cooking for clients who shared similar health concerns took her down a path of the “free from” diet: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free. When it came to granola, her daily breakfast option, she had a difficult time finding products that had her desired amount of fiber, nutritional benefits and antioxidants.

“I wanted something that was a nutrient-dense addition to my day without added sugar or sweeteners. It just didn’t exist,” she said.

Lufkin turned to her own kitchen to develop a product she wanted to eat. Once she was successful, she asked herself an important question: “How can other people benefit from this?”

The answer was Struseli Organic Granola, which has two varieties — Organic Granola Original and Organic Granola Cacao + Coffee. Walnuts are a great addition to both sweet and savory products for a number of flavor and functional reasons.

“I have a significant amount of walnuts in both of my blends. It’s not just a hint of walnuts; it’s a major portion because I feel like the walnuts really marry the two flavors — the sweet and the salty — and bring them together. They also offer a unique, butter texture and a unique sort of umami flavor,” she said.

Lufkin also uses tiger nuts, which is actually a tuber and not a nut, in her products to provide a hint of sweetness and to serve as a flavor and texture complement to walnuts.

“The functionality of walnuts takes Struesli to another level than most granolas,” Lufkin said.

Brand Identity

Lufkin wanted Struesli to be as unique on the outside as what’s on the inside, and she accomplished her mission with a unique cylindrical package that resembles a salt and pepper shaker. With this packaging format, Struesli is guaranteed to stand out on store shelves and kitchen counters.

“If Struesli is on the countertop, it forces you to incorporate it into things you’re eating that you normally wouldn’t think of. You can put it on avocado toast or sprinkle it onto a creamy soup or into a salad, so think of it in that terms,” Lufkin said. “It’s not just a granola that you put on yogurt, and that’s it. I think of it as a pantry staple or essential. That was the thought behind the packaging. They’re cool to hold, fun and nice to pick up.”

Struesli’s Versatility

There are a number of recipe suggestions for Struesli on the company’s website, and Lufkin’s “go-to jam” on a daily basis is Greek or Icelandic yogurt, seasonal fruit, a drizzle of walnut butter and Struesli.

“You’re getting berries, antioxidants, protein and fiber, and I feel full for most of the day. It hits all the bells and whistles of the creamy and the crunchy,” she said.

Lufkin’s fridge also houses premade Struesli energy balls or bites, often made with additional walnuts and cinnamon or walnut butter. Blend them into the food processor and roll them into a ball, and grab and go. She also baked a peach/berry crisp with sprinkled Struesli on top, showcasing yet another way the product shines.

“I‘m always innovating and getting a lot of consumer feedback with questions about new flavors. The wheels are turning for the next couple of SKUs, so stay tuned.”

Learn more about Struesli here or follow @Struesli.

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