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June is National Candy Month! According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), this is the month to celebrate chocolate, candy, gum and mints, along with those who make, sell and simply enjoy eating candy. It’s also a perfect time to take a closer look at why walnuts make such a great ingredient in confectionery products.

The NCA reports that candy represents a whopping $35 billion in retail sales. Every bite of candy counts in a competitive marketplace, and consumers are demanding confections that offer moments of comfort, escapism and indulgence, along with labeling that shows compassion, empathy and kindness. Additionally, according to a “Seasonal Candy in the Time of COVID-19” webinar presented by Candy Industry, consumers are seeking confections that offer 100% all-natural, real and authentic ingredients that maintain nutritional value and functionality. A recent Candy Industry report shows that confectioners plan to increase spending on nutritious ingredients, which is great news for walnut confections.

To celebrate #NationalCandyMonth, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite products that fit the bill when it comes to the above-mentioned trends. Take a bite, enjoy the walnutty crunch and find comfort in candy throughout the month of June.

Dark Chocolate Nut Crunch, Supernola

The newest Supernola flavor, Dark Chocolate Nut Crunch, is a crunchy cluster of walnuts, bananas and raisins, covered with dark chocolate. The plant-based cluster is gluten-, dairy- and grain-free, and it’s Paleo approved.

Sugar-Free Dark Walnuts, See’s Candies

Need a sugar-free candy fix? See’s Candies has the answer with Sugar-Free Dark Walnut Clusters. They’re made with walnuts covered in sugar-free dark chocolate coating, and they come in a 10.5 oz. box.

Dark Chocolate Paleo Bar, Blue Dinosaur

Get your chocolate fix with Blue Dinosaur’s Dark Chocolate Paleo Bar. This intensely satisfying snack, made with walnuts and a rich, dark cocoa flavor, contains good fats and energy for a great daily pick-me-up. This bar is plant-based and dairy-, soy- and grain-free.

Reishi Walnut Chocolate Bar, Vosges

Mushrooms and chocolate? Vosges’ latest offering uses roasted walnuts to provide texture and familiarity to a product that contains reishi mushrooms and bittersweet 72% cacao dark chocolate.

Brownie Walnut Nut Butter Bites, Abby’s Better

Whether you’re in the mood for fruit or chocolate, Abby’s Better has you covered with its Walnut Nut Butter Bites. Apple Cinnamon and Brownie Bites are the perfect walnut on-the-go snack, each containing only five ingredients.
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