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Even though it’s not so simple to gather for group activities, plan activities inside homes, or meet up at a restaurant or bar for an outing these days, that doesn’t mean socializing is completely out of the question thanks to technology and good old-fashioned creativity! Explore a few great ways to help you keep the social (and the fun) in your social distancing plan.

Lead a Cooking Class/Party

If you love to cook, try leading a virtual cooking class or just whip something up with your best buds remotely. With video call technology, you can walk your besties through preparing some of your favorite dishes while you chat and sip on your favorite beverage. You can even create handwritten invitations to send to your guests, because who doesn’t love receiving a personalized letter in the mail?

Reminisce while you prepare a savory meal of Walnut Tomato Sauce with Zucchini Lasagna Noodles. With a variety of seasonings and sauces – like marinara, Italian seasoning and red wine – this plant-based dish is full of pungent flavors that will leave your cooking prodigies with their mouths watering.

Since the oven is already on, you might as well bake an indulgent Walnut Chocolate Bundt Cake for a sweet treat. This moist and inviting chocolate beauty just may tempt you to skip dinner and go straight to dessert! You can even make it a recurring event, taking turns “hosting” by sharing recipes.

Host a Drive-In Movie Night

If you have a sizable yard, you can host a classic drive-in movie night complete with premade snacks. Invite only a few neighbors or close friends to ensure you have enough space to set up socially distanced seating areas. If you have a large driveway, you can even have your guests remain in the comfort of their car. Prepping for this event will be easy: just hang up a white sheet, break out the projector and enjoy a blast from the past.

Prepare a “snack pack” for each group ahead of time using individually wrapped homemade goodies and have them bring their own drinks. Serve up some Spiced Walnut Trail Mix (complete with popcorn) and some wildly delicious Walnut Cranberry Granola Bars. This combination is a little savory and a little sweet with plenty of textures and fall spices to get your movie munch on.

Girl eating walnuts

Distanced Neighborhood Dance Party

If the drive-in isn’t doable where you live, then think about hosting a socially distanced neighborhood dance party for your kids instead. Everyone can choose their own music, and adults can supervise from lawn chairs at the end of the driveways. Drop off individually wrapped snacks about 30 minutes ahead of time and grab a cold beverage for yourself. Youngsters go wild over Vanilla Walnut Berry Trail Mix, no napkins or utensils required.

Give kids the option to dance in the driveway or stay on the porch with their treats in hand. They can even wear bright neon colors or accessorize with glow sticks for some lighthearted fun. The kiddos who don’t want to dance can cater to their own creativity by drawing on the driveway with chalk. This activity is unique to each participant and will keep them laughing and you smiling!

Stage a Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Coordinate with the neighbors to make it a social event, and prepare the clues ahead of time. While the kids are busy eating a scrumptious and hearty breakfast to fuel them up for the big hunt, hide the appointed items around the yard. Everyone stays in their own yard and searches for the same number of items, and whoever finds all their items the quickest wins! When they’re done searching, Honey Walnut Ice Cream Sandwiches are just the way to end the festivities. Nothing is better than their favorite ice cream sandwiched between two chewy chocolate chip cookies with honey and toasted walnuts. However you’re satisfying that craving for socially distanced interactions, make sure that you’re filling up on some nutritious snacks with walnuts. A little socializing and the right snacks will be a pivotal part of maintaining your mental health and overall wellness. With some tasty California walnuts and a little ingenuity, you can still have plenty of fun with friends and neighbors while getting your social on… at a distance of course!
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