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Walnuts are magically delicious and more and more cereal, granola and oatmeal makers are adding better-for-you ingredients to get consumers’ days off to a healthy start.

Packaged Facts’ recent Global Breakfast Cereals report forecasts the global breakfast cereal market to expand 3% per year to $40 billion by 2023. North America holds a significant portion of this category, amounting to $12 billion of the $35 billion market amassed in 2018. Cereal has traditionally been eaten in bowl form, with milk and at home. However, consumers now crave convenience, and are looking for on-the-go cereal options in the morning, as a snack and even for dinner!

Consumers are not only changing when they eat cereal, but also the way they eat cereal, allowing for further innovation in the category. Walnuts are perfect for cereal because they are an indulgent whole food comprised of unique health properties. For example, walnuts are known to aid in heart health; they are predominantly comprised of good fats, which play a role in a healthy diet. They are the only nuts that are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based essential omega-3 fatty acid, at 2.5 grams per ounce. Additionally, per ounce, walnuts provide 4g protein, 2g fiber, 45mg magnesium.

Cereal product developers and marketers are creating the next generation of better-for-you cereals by incorporating whole food ingredients such as walnuts, to deliver health properties, flavor and texture. Also driving the cereal category: convenience and global influence. Learn how walnuts fit in with each of these trends and discover some delicious made with walnut cereals.

Trend No. 1: A Healthy Way to Start the Day

Cereal manufacturers are answering the call for nutritious ingredients, adding in walnuts, ancient grains, seeds and fruit inclusions that offer a host of beneficial properties. As a breakfast food, cereal has the uncanny ability to offer consumers a nutritious way to start the day with energy. For example, Wholesome Goodness’ Honey Walnut Crunch uses walnuts to provide an added boost of heart-healthy fats and ALA omega-3s. The cereal combines walnuts with an ancient whole grain medley of spelt, amaranth and quinoa. Low in saturated fat and an excellent source of fiber, Honey Walnut Crunch provides 28 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of protein per serving.

Trend No. 2: Cereal Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore

A Mintel report shows cereal moving beyond mornings and into something to be enjoyed during any time of the day and outside of the traditional bowl. More than two in five U.S. cereal consumers responded that they eat cereal as a snack from home at times other than breakfast. Almost one in five said they snack on cereal away from home, while 10% eat cereal on the go. Post Great Grains Banana Nut Crunch cereal is positioned for any time of the day. It can be eaten before a workout, while enjoying your favorite hobby and of course during breakfast. The benefits of eating Banana Nut Crunch also satisfy nutritional health halo demands, with real fruit, walnuts and 6 grams of protein per serving.

Trend No. 3: New Flavor Combinations

Walnuts pair well with a variety of foods, and combining cereal flavors that satisfy popular savory, sweet or spicy ingredients is becoming more innovative than ever before. Walnuts exhibit a complex taste that’s earthy, fruity and tart, so developers are tasked with going beyond the nut’s surface to understand its multidimensional flavor. One great pairing example is Eco Friendly Food Initiative’s Probiotic Chickpea Granola — Powerful Walnut. The name says it all – this granola is a grain-free creation with probiotics and sacha inchi. Complete with walnuts, Powerful Walnut is the perfect blend of great taste and nutritious benefits.

Trend No. 4: Blending Eastern and Western Cultures

Muesli, first developed by the Swiss, is a cereal that can be made in prepackaged dry form or from scratch. On supermarket shelves, muesli is making a resurgence as a healthful way to start the day. Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli is a European-inspired muesli made by blending walnuts with whole grain wheat, rolled oats and raisins. This muesli can be enjoyed both hot (oatmeal style) or cold (with milk). Those who want to stir things up can enjoy it the traditional Swiss way: mixed with yogurt, grated apple and soaked in the refrigerator overnight, and eaten throughout the next day.

Bob's Red Mill Old Country Style Museli
Quaker's Real Medleys Apple Walnut Oatmeal

Trend No. 5: Convenience within Packaging

Quaker’s Real Medleys Apple Walnut satisfies a multitude of trending items, all wrapped up in portable packaging. Flexible, resealable, standup containers made out of sustainable materials are in high demand, displaying the ultimate in convenience. Simply add water to the single-serve container, which includes walnuts, dried apples, cranberries and 31 grams of whole grains per serving.

No matter what time of day, we’re excited to see cereal makers respond to consumer needs for variety, convenience and wholesome ingredients. Walnuts not only provide flavor and texture to cereal, but also deliver nutritional benefits that satisfy the health halo that more consumers are craving.

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