What Type of Luncher
Are You?

California Walnuts is encouraging lunchers of every variety to recommit to the midday with a true lunch break that nourishes the body and rejuvenates the mind. What type of luncher are you? Take the quiz.

The Lover-o-Lunch is head over heels for lunch. They think about it from morning to noon. So, when these lunchers finally head out to eat they love to use every last minute of their break (sometimes more) to restore the mind and refuel the body. Walnuts can add that extra dose of crunch and wellness every lunch-lover craves.

Recipes for the Lover-O-Lunch

Lunch doesn’t stand a chance against a Busy Bee’s to-do list or email inbox. For them, lunch isn’t a break, it’s an opportunity to get things done. If the stars do align and this luncher manages to squeeze in lunch, it’s a great way for them to enjoy a bite while sending some emails. Heart-healthy*, delicious and versatile, the multi-functional walnut is a perfect addition to this multi-tasker’s lunchtime ritual.

Recipes for the Busy Bee

A Mindful Muncher’s lunch break is all about the break. They get up and get out. No desk lunches here. These lunchers choose to depart from their desk as soon as midday hits because they think about their minds first and stomachs second. Lunchtime means time to decompress, declutter, then refuel. Walnuts are the perfect choice for those looking to keep their minds sharp.

Recipes for the Mindful Muncher

For this luncher, snacktime is all the time. A Snackaholic’s desk or office pantry is their best friend and it’s constantly handing them something to nibble. When not snacking, they’re probably foraging for food. Snackaholics didn’t choose the snack life, the snack life chose them. Adding a handful of hearty walnuts to the snack stash can help these grazers feel satiated even when portions are small.

Recipes for the Snackaholic

The Last-Minute Luncher always intends on taking a lunch break but often loses track of time, which means a typical lunch is usually of the simple last-minute variety. These lunchers don’t have time to make plans for meet-ups or sit downs, the easier the better. Stashing walnuts with other non-perishables like dried fruit and jerky can make for a truly satisfying last-minute meal.

Recipes for the Last-minute Luncher

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