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If you’re seeking creative ways to fuel your kids imagination, the solution might be in your very own kitchen. Walnuts are more than a delicious, versatile ingredient to enhance your favorite dishes. Their shells are super easy to craft with, and their shape offers countless possibilities. Grab your bag of walnuts and try some of our favorite creative crafts!

Walnut Crafts for the Kids

A Homemade Family Game Night

With families spending more time at home, everyone is searching for new and exciting means of entertainment. We all know someone who has lost some pieces to their favorite board game, and walnuts or walnut shells make a great substitute for those pawns that may have disappeared.

Take that creativity a step further and have the whole family join in on making up your own themed game board from scratch. The possibilities are endless when you or the kids are the game masters, so all you need is a poster board, some markers and your trusty walnut pieces for hours of entertainment.

Walnut Crafts for the Kids

Artistic Applications

When it’s time for an art class to let the kids release some of that creative energy, break out the paint set, glitter, glue sticks and googly eyes, and let the natural canvas of a round walnut shell inspire their imagination! They might choose to paint it into their favorite animal or model it after the main character of that new book they read for school.

Let the kids take the crafts outdoors for inspiration straight from nature, and this activity doubles as an educational one, too. The kids can build entire dioramas, with the little shells forming key pieces in the scene. Maybe the walnut shells will transform into the center of a budding flower or a planet set high in the night sky.

Snack Break Solutions

As you and the kids are letting your creativity flourish, you’ll need a steady supply of snacks on hand. Walnuts play a key role in curbing hunger between meals, providing protein, fiber and good fats that keep you satisfied throughout the day. Throw together this Spiced Walnut Trail Mix for those snacky moments! It’s packed with sweet and savory flavors and can be prepackaged in separate mason jars or snack bags, so everyone can grab their own when it suits them. Throw in all your favorites like popcorn, pretzels, freeze-dried fruits and chocolate bits. It’s a fun opportunity to get creative with the family!

Take it up another notch and add some sweetness to your snack spread with this Brownie Batter Walnut Dip as a chocolaty, dippable option for fruits and crackers. The family will love taking a time-out from their creative activities to enjoy this spread together.

More Walnuts, More Love

When your family is looking for a project, be sure to break out the walnuts. These crafts will encourage their creative side while getting the whole family involved in making some great memories and keepsakes. After all, homemade games and toys are much better than store-bought because they’re made with a little love and personality. No matter your style, walnuts can come to the rescue to keep the fun and creativity flowing! Be sure to try these crafts and snacks out and see how they suit your tastes (pun intended).

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