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Walnut Crumbles

New product alert! We are excited to partner with Azar Nuts to debut a brand-new plant-based culinary product, its nature Walnut Crumbles! Launched in Chicago last month at the National Restaurant Association Show, it was a standout on the showroom floor. For the duration of the show, thousands of food and beverage professionals sampled the new product as a “chorizo” in the form of tacos. For those of you who didn’t get to try this new meat alternative, read on to find out more and how you can get a taste of this new product.

Azar Nuts/Mount Franklin Foods developed Walnut Crumbles in 2018 after attending our exclusive foodservice chef summit, Camp Walnut. Inspired by the plant-based menu ideas presented at the event, they decided to launch a product based on our very own California Walnut Chorizo Crumble recipe.

Not only does this meat alternative taste delicious, it also gives consumers a new dietary option. The CA Walnuts Plant-Based IQ Survey of 2017 found that the majority of consumers polled were looking to add more plant-based foods to their daily diets. More than 80% of Americans were open to eating and making meatless dishes, particularly if it had a similar taste or texture to meat-centric dishes. Participants specifically chose walnuts for their texture (70%), flavor (65%), and nutrients (62%). Omega-rich California walnuts are the perfect food to replace animal proteins across a wide range of menu applications. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Foodservice operators now have the option to elevate plant-based menu options with protein made from California walnuts. Culinary kits including chopped and seasoned walnuts will be available in one or five pound bags in two amazing flavors: Chorizo and Italian. In addition to the crumbles, Azar Nuts/Mount Franklin Foods will be launching two new walnut retail packs (one ounce multipacks) in a plain as well as smoked brisket flavor. Be sure to look for the CA Walnut logo on the packaging!

Walnut Crumbles have barely hit the shelves and we’re already hearing about the creative ways chefs are incorporating this innovative new product into their menus.

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