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After an indulgent holiday season full of sweets, treats, and heavy meals, you might feel ready to hit the reset button. Whether you’re trying to feel more energized or simply wanting to reach greater balance in your diet and lifestyle, there’s no shortage of available programs and strategies to help you reach your goals. The good news is walnuts can help you feel satisfied and even indulged. That’s because walnuts contain good fats, including an excellent source of omega-3 ALA (2.5g/oz). They also include protein (4g/oz) and fiber (2g/oz).
Whatever improvements you’re trying to make, we’re here with tips and tricks to help you rock those resolutions.

Substantial and Satisfying Substitutes

Hearty veggies like sweet potatoes and legumes like chickpeas can make great substitutes for bread or other grains. If you’re like us and still onboard the avocado toast train, we’ve got you covered with this Sweet Potato Avocado Toast, topped with crunchy California walnuts.

If you find yourself eating lunch at work, school or on-the-go, stay fueled with a Plant Protein Box filled with all your favorites. It takes a little prep ahead of time, but you’ll be able to confidently skip the usual sandwich, and still feel full and satisfied! At dinner, in place of pasta, try this recipe for Warm Parmesan Zucchini Noodles with Chicken, Tomatoes, and Walnuts. For dessert, this Brownie Batter Walnut Dip is plenty indulgent without the heaviness of traditional brownies.

Milk and Cream, Walnut Style

If you’re looking to add some different flavors and textures to your diet, or if you need to limit dairy for sensitivities, we’ve got you covered! With so many delicious milk substitutes like walnut milk, you don’t have to miss your morning latte or sacrifice flavor when it comes to your favorite meals and snacks.

Easy-to-assemble Walnut Chia Overnight Oats make a rich and satisfying option for a breakfast no-brainer. When it comes to comfort food, try making a California Walnut Cream Alfredo Sauce for your pasta or zoodles. When you feel an afternoon crash coming on, whip up a Matcha Avocado Walnut Smoothie. The combination of walnut milk with honey, mint, avocado, and matcha will satisfy your cravings. For a truly decadent treat, this Maple Walnut Ice Cream has everything you’d expect from a classic ice cream dessert. Plus it’s made with bananas for extra creaminess.

Feel Empowered to go Plant-Forward

Looking to make 2020 the year you eat more plant-forward meals? Get started by adding more plant foods to your favorite meals. If you like eggs at breakfast, try these Walnut & Oat Crusted Veggie Egg Cups. They’re perfect for those busy weekday mornings when you need a grab-and-go solution.

With walnuts, you can still have all your favorite dishes, without the meat. When Taco Tuesday rolls around, try these Walnut “Chorizo” Tacos with Pickled Vegetables, made with walnuts, black beans and spices. For pasta night, try this Walnut and Mushroom Ragu that’s just as flavorful as a traditional meat-based sauce. And if you have a burger craving, these Walnut BBQ Sliders will do the trick!

New Year, Same Delicious California Walnuts

Not only will a new eating style refresh and recharge you for the year ahead, but it also gives you a chance to find new twists on old classics. Whatever your New Year resolutions are, California walnuts can be a part of helping you reach your Balanced Lifestyle.

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