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Avocado season is upon us! But there’s so much more to this fruit (yes, fruit) than just guacamole. We’re breaking down all the ways to pair walnuts with avocados for delicious dishes around the clock this summer.

Whether you’re assembling a quick snack or building a full meal, there’s an avocado and walnut pairing for every appetite. As staples of the Mediterranean Diet and members of Team Good Fat, it’s no wonder there are so many ways to incorporate this duo into your daily routine.

Wake up with Walnuts and Avocados

First, rise and shine with a Walnut, Avocado and Fruit Smoothie Bowl. This powerhouse breakfast starts with a base of creamy walnut milk and bright green grapes. Add avocado and spinach to create the perfect nutritional start to your day. Top off your bowl with fresh strawberries and kiwi, and garnish with a sprinkle of walnuts. Or maybe you want to give some buzzworthy avocado toast a try? Step it up with Arugula, Tomatoes, and Walnut Avocado Toast. This recipe, certified by the American Heart Association®, is great for breakfast, brunch, and even a snack.*

Create a Tasty and Nutritious Lunch

Keep the nutrient-rich meals going at lunchtime with a spinach salad with grilled onions, walnuts, avocado, and apple. The tartness of the apple blends beautifully with the savory cumin-spiced onions. Topped with creamy avocado and crunchy walnuts, this salad can offer the midday pick-me-up you need.

If salad just isn’t cutting it one day, how about some street tacos? These Hickory-Smoked Walnut Tacos With Slaw, Avocado, Cotija and Pickled Red Onions are plant-based, and perfectly-seasoned. Between the combination of spices, flavorful slaw, fresh cotija, and creamy avocado on top, you won’t be missing the meat.

Reinvent Dinner and Dessert

Round out your day with a reimagined dinner staple: salmon. If this fabulous fish is already in your dinner rotation, mix things up by shredding it and adding it to a Salmon, Walnut, and Avocado Grain Bowl! A savory twist on the food bowl trend, you can customize this dish to feature all of your favorite ingredients. Just don’t forget the walnuts for a flavorful crunch and the avocado for a smooth richness.

For a more out-of-the-box idea, allow us to introduce you to Avocado Yum Sauce. A blend of walnuts, avocado, parsley, and basil, it’s similar to a pesto sauce, but with a more robust flavor. The best part? You can drizzle it on just about anything, or even use it as a dip. Go nuts!

Finally, you can’t forget about dessert! Whip up a simple Walnut Avocado Chocolate Pudding for a surprisingly delicious treat. This easy pudding is topped with candied walnuts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

These are just a few of the ways avocados can compliment some of our favorite walnut dishes.

*Heart-Check certification does not apply to recipes unless expressly stated.

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